Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I order or buy something from your site?
- Easy. Simply click the item you are interested, add to CART and follow the steps. That is it.

I never bought anything from Online before, how can I trust my personel information with Online site ?
- Well, we all feel that way sometimes even when we go big shopping centers, simply because we never shop there before. Fortunately, eCommerce or Online shopping has became the way to the future anyway. . . FAST & EASY way of shopping from the comfort of your home or office.

Anyhow,, similar to most of the eCommerce sites, does NOT handle payments, all payments are handled by a third party, a reputable company. Such as Paypal or Stripe or Shopify and so on.
After your payment is approved & processed, then and only then, we receive things like the item name, #, customer's name, shipping address and so on. Also, to strengthen the security of our site and protection of our customer information, afromall adopted both federal & industry private & policy standards. 


1- What do I need to do the payments for purchases?
- All you need is a Major Credit Card or Check Card/Debit Card.

2- Will I get a receipt after the payment ?
- Yes, you will be automatically issued a receipt confirming about receiving your payment sent to you via email, so please, check your email.

3- Does afromall have a Privacy Policy to protect customer information ?
Yes, we do. have adopted industry standard Privacy Policy to give that extra security not only to our valuable customers but also to our sellers. If you want more info. about our privacy policy, please, click here:


1-How much is my shipping cost?
- NOTHING. Yes, it is FREE. do n't have to worry about that, just make sure that your address is correct.

2-Oh' I just found out that the shipping address is wrong . . . what will I do?
Please, contact us right away to correct the mistake as soon as possible.

3 -How long will it take my shipment to arrive?
- Normally about 7 business day. Please, also check the shipping details on the product page to show you how long it will take.
In some cases, for example if the product is MAKE-TO-ORDER or Afro traditional related like afro clothes . . .etc, then, it should take 3/4 weeks, because these types of products will be made as soon as someone ordered. 

4-Do have a Tracking System, so I can follow the progress of my shipment?
Yes, shortly after the purchase, we immediately process your item for shipping, then as soon as we ship we will email you tracking link where you can follow the delivery stages of your order.

5- What will I do if my shipment did not arrive on time?
Please, notify us as soon as possible to investigate what is going on... wrong address, payment...etc.?


1- Can I change my mind or can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. Please, make sure that you contact us right away within 24hrs. and before your shipment is delivered.


1- If I want to return an item, Can I get a refund?
-Yes, you can get refund.
-Please, read our Return & Refund policy.


1- Can anyone sell products or services on afromall platform?
- Yes, anyone can become a seller. All you have to do is to send us your request through our contact page and we will register you right away so you can start making money.
No matter whatever background you are; business owners, stay home-moms, collage students, lawyers, doctors and so on.
- More info., please, click SELLERS button from the homepage.


1- How can I receive your monthly market place journal regularly?
You can receive our monthly journal simply by subscribing, please, send us your request either through our contact page or by clicking the subscribe bottom at the footer of the homepage.


1-  How Can I contact you ?
Easy, at the homepage, either on the top or at the bottom, or both, you will find CONTACT button, please, click that and send us your inquiry.
Also, you can reach our customer service during normal hours through our LIVE CHAT, and we can answer any question you may have right on the spot.


1-  Ho w about if I still have a question or comments ?
That is fine, please, go to our contact page and send us your question or comment and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you everyone & GOOD LUCKY !