Uunsi, Rare Afro Amber Incense

Uunsi, Rare Afro Amber Incense

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Frankincense, Onycha, Sandalwo . . . . . 

You can always identify by East African women's presence by the heavenly Amber aura that surrounds her. This is Uunsi.

This is fresh Uunsi sourced from Horn of Africa.

Uunsi is both an incense and perfume. Not a harsh synthetic perfume that you smell from a mile away and stays with you for hours, but a fragrance more like the natural smell of spring or fall that we wish we could capture.
Uunsii is used through the smoke released when it is burned on charcoal.

The origin of the word perfume is "Perfume", translated as by, or through smoke. It is believed the word refers to the method of perfuming one's self with the smoke of burning aromatic materials and incense.

Uunsi, also written Cunsi is an aromatic secret that distinguishes East African women from all others. Its preparation and use is passed down from generation to generation through the women. I doubt if there is an East African man that can list the ingredients and prepare a batch of Uunsi.