How to rent or lease a shop space from the Mall is basically World's largest afro-world marketplace & it is a Virtual Shopping Center. So, seller leases or rents a space from the Mall, similar to the traditional shopping centers near you. The only differences & the benefits of this marketplace are the: CHEAPNESS & THE SCOPE.

CHEAPNESS/AFFORDABILITY: Definately paying $50 per year or about $4/month is certainly way cheaper than leasing or renting a retail space from any neighborhood, let alone a shopping center.

THE SCOPE/REACHIBILITY: Somehow, this affordable membership fee (lease/rent fee) gives the Vendor the ability to reach far bigger scope or far bigger customers than the traditional neighborhood Mall would.

This Virtual Mall we use the term LEASE/RENT, instead of using MEMBERSHIPS, to look like or make you feel you are dealing with non-virtual shopping center. 

Therefore, every Vendor is required to apply LEASING SPACE, then,and only after that, they will be able to list or sell their products or services in this marketplace.

THE LEASE OR RENT MONEY: The lease fee is $50 per year. If you want to rent a space from, please, go to the CONTACT US page and send us your request.

One of our representatives will contact you in order to assist you that the leasing process to be quick and so you can start selling right away.

Good luck!

Customer Care